Who I am

My name is Malcolm Wells. I live in Central Queensland. My interests are writing, photography, gardening, sport  & reading. Born in 1952, I have played rugby union since I was 11. I still play Golden Oldies if I get the chance.

I belong to the Capricorn Writers & Friends Group, which is currently not active. I have a science fantasy novel published through a publisher; and a collection of horror stories and another sci-fi novel that I self-published on Kindle.

I write a weekly column for the Morning Bulletin newspaper in Central Queensland, as an unpaid contributor.  I am involved in environmental issues and use some of my columns to promote and report on environmental and community projects.

I have just finished editing a memoir in four parts. It contains stories of my childhood, adolescence, married life & travels with my wife and anecdotes from my rugby playing days from the age of eleven to the present.

From 2012 to 2016, I contributed to the ABC Open Snapped & 500 Word websites, which features different projects each month for writers and photographers. where I had over  1500 contributions posted to these projects since January 2011; as well as 15 blogs and a photo essay.

I have also had some of my poetry published in an online magazine called The Australia times, and in a couple of poetry anthologies.

My Vimeo site:


My ABC Open profile page:


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