Posted by: malcolmjamesjwells | 28/10/2014

Chew, chew, quick,quick, chew.

Hustle, bustle, fast food.
Pushing, shoving, very crude.
“A cardboard burger with rubber cheese,
and a tub of greasy chips please.”

Fish & chips wrapped in paper,
Fried Mars bars, what a caper.
Indian & Chinese to take away,
Get some deep fried chicken today.

Hot pies just like mother bakes.
Real Coca-cola and thick shakes.
Instant noodles, ready to go.
Just add water and watch them grow.

Instant coffee and one minute oats,
warm our bellies and burn our throats.
Tea bags jiggling, beans from cans,
throw away those pots and pans.

Frozen pizza, packaged curry.
Need something fast? In a hurry?
Think of all the time you save,
toss them all in the microwave.

TV dinners eaten from a tray.
Foil containers that you throw away.
Disposable cutlery and paper plates,
polystyrene cups that everyone hates.

Fast food for brekky, lunch and tea
I swear it’ll be the death of me.
Upon my tomb will be engraved:
“What did he do with the time he saved?”

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