Posted by: malcolmjamesjwells | 28/10/2014

Noises in the night

Something scared me late last night.
Creaking floors, squeaking doors.
Something is coming out of sight.
Crashing, bumping, heart thumping
I very nearly died of fright.

There’s something in the corner, peeping.
Take care, better beware,
It’s crushed my desire for sleeping.
Darkness embracing, pulse racing.
Enough to set a person weeping.

Now I can feel it on the bed.
Shadows crawl, along the wall
Silence pounding in my head.
Bathed in sweat, soaking wet.
My pulse has stopped, perhaps I’m dead.

I see yellow eyes with coal black fleck.
Stench of death, putrid breath.
A wet nose nuzzling at my neck.
Cold wet fur, a noisy purr
It’s making me a nervous wreck.

My fingers groping for the light
Heart stopping, eyes popping,
I’m greeted by a gruesome sight.
Bloody cat, she’s got a dead rat.
I think I should lock her in at night.

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