Posted by: malcolmjamesjwells | 28/10/2014

War – What for?

Weep Mother Earth, your children die for nought;
another battle over, another war is fought.
Can we give a reason why it always comes to this?
So many young and innocent tasting deaths cold kiss.
How do we tell our children what the carnage is all for?
Can we explain just what it is that sparks a war?
We claim that God is on our side. We are in the right.’
It’s supposed to ease our conscience, lend dignity to the fight.
We go to war so readily, to fight for what is just,
convinced it is an honour. We cry: ‘In God we trust’.
To free men from a tyrant, to fight an evil foe.
Crusading knights in armour, all so keen to go.
Who can say who’s wrong, who’s right?
Can anyone amongst us justify the fight?
It’s time we found an answer to end the violence,
no more taking sides, nor any sitting on the fence.
But men will go on fighting, forever more it seems.
Peace is but a spectre haunting all our dreams.
It’s the old who do the stirring, the young who have to die.
But let us halt the madness long enough to question – “Why?”

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