Posted by: malcolmjamesjwells | 11/12/2014

In praise of Aussie fauna

When I was a kid, those Australian creatures

were thought to possess endearing features.

Now not only can you find them in a zoo,

but in diners from Alice to Woolloomooloo.


Kangaroo leg steaks and hop to it,

barbecued Skippy? You’re won’t roo it.

Emu fillets, they’re nice and thick,

a family can feast on one drumstick.


We no longer rely on traditional farms,

just get your teeth into the coat of arms.

A crocodile steak and make it snappy,

eating the wild life will make you happy.


Do we draw the line at eating parrots?

Kookaburra casserole with peas and carrots?

Grill a cuddly icon? don’t you dare.

Koala kebabs are more than we can bear.

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