Posted by: malcolmjamesjwells | 18/04/2017

Crocodile Safaris

The Katter Party, which could be called the ‘Mad Katter’ Party, is calling for a cull on Saltwater Crocodiles in Queensland, because of the number of attacks that have occurred. I don’t know about the accuracy of the claim that the number of Saltwater Crocodiles is out of control, because Robbie Katter supplies no statistics to back up the claim. He does cite cases of recent attacks, but some a result of poor decisions by those involved. Swimming at night in known crocodile habitats, especially where excessive alcohol consumption is involved. Spear fishing in waters known to be inhabited by predators such as sharks and crocodiles when there is going to be blood spilled, and thrashing fish in the water.

A recent article shows that since 1971 there have been 34 deaths by crocodile: 23 in the NT, 9 in QLD & 2 in WA. In comparison, a recent study by Dr Ronelle Welton, of Melbourne University, found that just between 2000 & 2013, horses were responsible for the deaths of 74 people and dogs responsible for the deaths of 19 people. Why isn’t there an outcry over these statistics? I’m not being flippant, if I were I’d quote the horrendous death tolls on our roads each year and demand we cull vehicles from our roads. If deaths by crocodile in this country average out at less than one per year, many of them preventable, then they are not a major problem.

What would be a problem is if we allowed tourists to come in and roam the country with high powered rifles on safari. You can find many examples on the Internet of the sort of people these hunting expeditions attract; most of them prefer to target non-dangerous species of animals. I doubt many of them would have the stomach to go up against the bigger, meaner Salties. What we would likely have is a bunch of trigger-happy people stalking the same areas where tourists go to shoot the wildlife with nothing more lethal than a camera.

Apparently, the Northern Territory already culls about 500 crocodiles a year, and still have a higher death toll than us. What say we educate people how to act in crocodile territory, move problem crocs if necessary, and cull them when we must. Let’s not go down the road of allowing hunters to roam our state looking for trophies to pose with.


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